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For your wedding day your brows are most important to give proper balance and expression to your face. If you have thin or misshapen brows and need to correct the shape, please allow 3-6 months. Your brows grow on a 4-5 week cycle. It will take several cycles of growth and shaping to get them to perfect! Please come see us for a consultation anytime.

Brow Arch
We will achieve nothing less than the perfect brow. This is an art form and we are the experts. We do not believe in waxing or that “thinner is better.” Let us give you the shape you need.

Brows To Dye For!
Have your brows faded away? Are they blonde or have you changed your hair color and your brows don’t match your new coloring? We create a custom color tint specifically for you and raise your brows visual IQ along the way!

Brow Rehab
It is possible to regain your natural shape! If your brows have been damaged by waxing or over plucking, there is still hope. We gently nurture your brows back to a beautiful shape that compliments your eye.

Allure Magazine October 2010 BEST OF THE BEST ISSUE named Alyson Hoag as

“Best Brows” Atlanta

If you haven’t heard all the buzz, Jessica Dauler of Q100 and JessicaShops came to visit Alyson at Intrigue Salon to have her eyebrows arched and later that evening her makeup done by Alyson for Fashion Cares. The debate about who the Eyebrow Guru of Atlanta continues but we all know who the REAL Eyebrow Guru is! Read the Jezebel article to find out more.

“I tried one recommendation, and she is awesome. Her name is Alyson Howard-Hoag/ Authentic Beauty” ~

Put Your Best Brows Forward

Ladies and gents: It’s time to put your best brows forward! Up until about a year ago, I had no idea about the importance of shaped eye brows. I would either let mine grow all willy nilly… or in a desperate attempt to be groomed, I would go to the nail salon for a quick wax – ouch! Neither option was really working well for me. I looked like I had toothpicks above my eyes – too straight and way too thin. And that is when I realized that the nail salon should be kept for just that – NAILS!

So where should I go? Of course, I lean upon my super-savvy girlfriend, Jessica Dauler AKA Jessica Shops, who promptly introduces me to her “brow guru.” Praise the tweezing Gods!

That’s how I met Alyson Hoag of Authentic Beauty fame. She is considered Atlanta’s premiere “brow guru” and goddess of all things beautiful… especially for your face! After a few appointments, Alyson had my brows in shape and properly framing my face. I couldn’t believe she actually got an arch into these babies!

Shapely eyebrows are of utmost importance for all of us. GUYS, that means you too! And GIRLS, please book an appointment for you AND your man. He will thank you later. It’s time for all of us to Put Our Best Brows Forward.

Want your own sense of brow perfection? Make a pilgrimage to Authentic Beauty!

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