Authentic Beauty Bride is the Bridal Division of Authentic Beauty. Authentic Beauty is more than makeup. Home to some of the best makeup artists in the city as well as the “brow guru” of Atlanta we are committed that you love what you see when you look in the mirror.


Authentic Beauty was started by make-up artist/brow guru Alyson Hoag out of her commitment to make a difference in the beauty industry. Contemporary and popular images of beauty are distorted, and rather than compare ourselves to the unrealistic standards of beauty found in these images, we believe each person must look within themselves to discover their own true beauty.  Authentic Beauty is a company based on the fundamental belief that you are beautiful and your image should be a reflection of your Authentic Self. Rather than be told what you “should” look like by some industry standard, we help you discover, design, and make comfortable decisions about your image. We give you the skills and tools to create what you want and the result: you love what you see when you look in the mirror….And, we guarantee you can do it yourself.

Some of Authentic Beauty Accolades Include:

“Best of What’s New” Jezebel Magazine 2009

“Best Makeup Artist, Alyson Hoag” Jezebel Magazine 2010

“Best of the Best Brows, Alyson Hoag” Allure Magazine 2010

“Best in Beauty” the Sunday Paper 2010

Our Resume Includes:

Appearances On:

Good Day Atlanta

CBS Better Mornings

CBS Ambush Makeover

Clients and Featured Work

Laura Turner Seydel

Intimacy Boutiques

Eve Ensler playwright for the Vagina Monlogues

Jezebel Magazine

Best Self Magazine

Piedmont Review

Get Married Magazine

The Perfect Wedding Guide Atlanta